Mara Radulovic




May 2017

Awarded Assistant Professor title for accomplishments upon evaluation by Berklee Commission and Faculty.

Created to Create 2017 |  Discrimination Project

Super Space Founder Mara Radulovic shares details about our new project in this short video:

Super Space is addressing discrimination in all shapes and forms. Actors and artists such as yourself are needed! Super Space wants to hear from artists like you about  your experiences regarding discrimination.

Have you, or any other artist you know, experienced discrimination (creative, professional or even personal), based on your origin, race, age, accent, sex or any other element you wish to address?

This May, June, and July 2017, Super Space is looking to explore discrimination and share authentic  artist stories in hope of empowering creatives and communities.

 We want to know:
-What happened?
-How did it affect you and your work?
-What did you do to heal or what are you currently doing to heal?
-How did you claim your power back/ or what are you currently doing to claim your power back?

We are looking for short videos or written submissions on the topic,  but we are open to any other form you wish to create.

April 2017

Participated in April 9th stage reading of “The Grasshopper” by Anton Chekhov – dedicated to all the victims of the recent terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, Russia. Thank you to all friends who supported/came/contributed to staging this event: Grasshopper Stage, Reading and Russian Salon Party, Director Elena Kuzina, Actor Mara Radulovic, Movement by Milan Locic, Editing/Sound by Fal HL, General Assistance by Hanna Araujo, Master of Technology Perun Grmusa. And special thanks to great artists whose art we used to create: Anton Chekhov, Michael Chekhov, Isaak Levitan, Sofia Kuvshinikova, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, and Russian Ballads. Thank you to friends and family: Suzi Berlin, Ksenija Dancevic-Ciric, Ulrika Brand, Caitlin Gibbon Langstaff, Milan Locic, Nenad Grmusa, and many others who have given us love, support and encouragement. Thank you to Open Project Community, Micha Community and Russian Store in Brookline for the beautiful flowers for the event.


Participated  in Open Project session with Gretchen Egolf and Patrick Bailey on April 4th (pictured below)

Open Project 4.4

Created to Create 2017 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Mladen Micunovic

March 2017

Attended Clown Workshop for the Actor with Lenard Petit at Michael Chekhov Actor’s Studio NYC (pictured below)

Clowning 2

Clowning 1 Clowning 3

   Clowning 4

Honored to be Awarded Grant for Faculty Development, from Boston Conservatory at Berklee to attend Micha Conference in June 2017 in New London, CT

Created to Create 2017 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: All Artists – Living and Dead – Who Have Been Wronged, Liz Shipman

February 2017

Awarded Title of Assistant Professor at Boston Conservatory at Berklee for 2017-2018

Created to Create 2017 via Super Space artists interviews featuring: Andrew Hawkins, Milan Locic, Paola Coletto, and Djordje Kukuljica

Continuing Super Space blog development and Created to Create 2017 with talents, support, and love from Emily Clark

Experienced a great honor to see Ms. Cate Blanchett on the Broadway stage for the first time. Cate Blanchett and Sidney Theatre Ensemle in “The Present,” which left an unforgettable impression on my soul

Created to Create 2017 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Thomas Schuster, Uros Stojanovic,  and Beckie Klein & Martina Gordon

Attended workshop taught at Michael Chekhov Studio, NYC

Started teaching Acting Studio II at Boston Conservatory Program BFA in Contemporary Theatre

Started “365 a Color Pages a Day Keeps My Judgment Away” project

December 2016

Completed open Final Acting I Boston Conservatory, BFA in Contemporary Acting

Complete open Final Dean College, Ensemble II

December 31st marks successful one year anniversary of Super Space and Created to Create, introducing one artist per week for 52 weeks.

Named Honorable Mention in article titled “Who’s Who in Academia” by Joseph Bozanek:


Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Elena Kuzina, Mark Krawczyk, Matt Greene

November 2016

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Sarah Baumert, Tom Molyneux, Joel Carnegie, and Lenard Petit.

October 2016

Featured in article on

Participated in workshop at Boston Conservatory, led by Elena Kuzina

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artists interviews featuring: Nikola Djuricko, Rebecca Rich, Thais, Loureiro, Lidija Ristic, and Lionel Walsh.

September 2016

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Ivan Jevtovic, Patrick Bailey and Dale March

August 2016

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Rena Polley, Deb Keller, Elsa Valentim, and Margaret Laurena Kemp

July 2016

Founded Chekhov Playgroup, Boston, MA

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Jeff Ginsberg, David Krasner, Sanja Mitikisin, Ray Caspio, and Jose Miguel Arbulu

June 2016

Special thank you to Gretchen Egolf for inviting me to be a part of The Sonnet Project.

Thank you to the lovely talents who assisted with this project:

Burcu Halacoglu, Thais Loureiro, Gianluca Reggiani, Eric Li, Patricia Ageheim, Mike Velings, Patrick Bailey, Sarah Popdan, Erik Andrews, Sarah Purcell, and Ansambi Narakord.

Visited London with family

Visiting Teacher at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia for One Day Physical Acting Workshop for 4th  year Acting Students by invitation of Gordana Maric

Visiting Faculty at Singidunum University in Belgrade, Serbia for One Day Acting Workshop for 2nd year Acting Students, invitation by Professor Ivan Jeftovic

Attended MICHA International Training & Festival in New London, CT

Attended Theatre of the Future at MICHA International Festival & Training in New London, CT

Participated in MICHA Rehearsal Track, led by Lenard Petit

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Jessica Cerullo, Connie Rotunda, Steven Barkhimer, and Christina Rouner

May 2016

Joined The Boston Conservatory at Berklee as Acting Faculty, BFA Program

Completed teaching second session of CP Casting On-Camera Acting course

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Bart Hansard, Danielle Carter, & Angelina Atlagic

April 2016

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Shym Jamin, Tritano Evans, Massimiliano Balduzzi, Ulrich-Meyer Horsch, & James Blaszko

Began new session of On-Camera Acting at CP Casting:

Traveled to NYC to shoot “Sonnet 124,” short film as part of The Sonnet Project by Gretchen Egolf:

March 2016

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Caitlin Langstaff, Janelle Snow, Megan Callahan, & Theo Allyn

Next session of Intermediate On-Camera Acting Class at CP Casting, beginning April 28th for 6 weeks, to register visit:

Participated in Michael Chekhov School “Psychological Gesture” Workshop with Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan, Hudson, NY

Participated in 2 Day Michael Chekhov Studio New York Intensive Clowning Workshop with Lenard Petit, NYC

On-Camera Workshop, Visiting Teacher at Dean College in Franklin, MA (March 11th)

February 2016

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Ksenija Zelenovic, Carolyn Hoerdemann, Suzana Nikolic, Jovana Petrovic, & Boyan Ivic Paunovic

Intense Yoga Training with Barbara Benagh and John Schumaher, Negril, Jamaica

Sharpen Your Skills | Mara Radulovic | Maura Smith



These one day seminars are designed to provide actors with the opportunity to drop in for a class; present a video taped scene or exercise; and get feedback and adjustments from different guest speakers.  Participants in the seminars will be given scripted film or TV material either before or in class.  CP Casting Associate Maura Smith will introduce the class point of concentration, rehearse the material, and record the work. This process will be followed by viewing the videos, and open discussion between the guest speaker and actors.  The seminars will have limited enrollment in order to give students time to work and learn by doing!

CLASS STARTS: Thu, 02/04/16, 6:00pm
LAST CLASS: Thu, 02/04/16, 6:00pm
Cut off date Thu, 02/04/16
CLASS FEE $149.00
Location CP Casting Studio


January 2016

Created to Create 2016 via Super Space artist interviews featuring: Paul Gabbard, Anne Towns, Louise Siversen, & Gretchen Egolf

Announcing CP Casting classes: On-Camera Acting | Mara Radulovic

On-Camera Acting. The importance of telling the story within the frame of the camera and to distinguish acting on-camera and how it must be adjusted. Get the tools you need to transition from stage to on-camera acting. This is an intermediate course suitable for students with some acting/on-camera experience. The six-week course focuses on fun, outside-of-the-box exercises to develop sense of safety and bring all aspects of self to create a natural, charismatic, non-presentation style acting to screen.

For more info, please visit:

Launching “Created to Create” Project. 

Created to Create Logo

6 month Anniversary of “Open Project,” a weekly online platform for empowering artists nationally and internationally.

Invited by Dean College in Franklin, MA to teach a Master Class/Workshop for On-Camera Acting in Spring 2016.

October 2015

Began teaching Youth Acting classes at Apollinaire Theatre.

September 2015

Reconnected with master yoga teachers at the Down Under Yoga studio and started consistent study with Patricia Walden and Barbara Benagh.

By invitation from Carolyn Pickman, head of CP Casting, Mara will join the team starting November 2015, teaching an on-camera class.

August 2015

Completed the move to Boston, MA.

Visited Paris, France on a family trip.

Used time to research, explore, and inspire with rich cultural/artistic heritage.

July 2015

Attended 3 day yoga workshop taught by Barbara Benagh at the Down Under Yoga Studio in Boston, MA.

Started relocation process to from Chicago, IL to Boston, MA.

Together with Paul Gabbard, began creating Open Project (an online platform for actors, directors, and other creative artists to participate in Skype meetings once weekly) to share ideas, create and grow projects and stay inspired in spite of geographic distance. Since July, Open Project has been successful in keeping the connection with artists from several continents. We have been Skyping with artists from England, U.S., Croatia, Australia, Italy, etc. We hope to empower and inspire ourselves and fellow artists on a weekly basis by holding an open, safe space for all to connect, play, share ideas/experiences, and create.

June 2015

Attended a week long MICHA International Training and Festival in New London, CT at Connecticut College.

Attended Theatre of the Future: Open Space workshop facilitated by Jessica Cerullo, Ragnar Freidank for two days following MICHA Conference.

Traveled to London, UK for four days-researching, connecting with artists, and see theatre.

Photoshoot with Kristie Khans in Chicago, IL. Makeup by Kristina Fayerhern and styling by Emily Clark.

May 2015

Completed teaching Movement II and TFC II courses at Columbia College.

Continued collaboration with Jeff Ginsberg and Ashley Neal creating a devised piece at Columbia College.

April 2015

Taught Michael Chekhov Monologue Workshop, “I Thought” at Columbia College.

Began collaboration with Jeff Ginsberg and Ashley Neal creating a devised piece at Columbia College.

February 2015

Awarded Columbia College Part-Time Faculty Development Grant.

Attended workshop led by Niamh Dowling from Rose Bruford College, UK. Organized for Columbia College TFC II students.

January 2015

Began teaching Theatre Foundations II (Integrative Acting/Movement/Voice Course) at Columbia College.

Began teaching Movement II at Columbia College.

September 2014

Joined DePaul Theatre School Faculty as Adjunct Acting Faculty and started teaching Movement Workshop.

Attended Chekhov Workshop, led by Ragnar Freidank at the Chekhov Studio Chicago, Chicago, IL

Began teaching Theatre Foundations I (in collaboration with Carolyn Cristofani) at Columbia College in Chicago, IL. 

August 2014

Attended a three-day Faculty Development Workshop for Theatre Foundations I and II courses for Columbia College in Chicago, IL. Participated in training, implementation, and further development of the course.

Enjoyed a family reunion and meeting friends/collaborators in Belgrade, Serbia. 

July 2014

Explored Michael Chekhov Technique Work with Gretchen Egolf and Sarah Purcell in London, England.

Trained with Marya Lowry in Roy Hart Voice Work at Brandeis University in Boston, MA. 

Attended Yoga Workshop with Barbara Benagh in Boston, MA.

Attended MICHA Association “Theatre of the Future” Open Space, facilitated by Jessica Cerullo and Ragnar Freidank. 

Attended MICHA Association Annual International Training & Festival in New London, CT at Connecticut College. 68 performers gathered from all around the world to explore the work of Michael Chekhov in both action and reflection. Faculty: Joanna Merlin, Ted Pugh, Fern Sloan, David Zinder, Jessica Cerullo, John McManus, Bethany Caputo, and Anne Gottlieb.

June 2014

Attended MICHA Association 4th Annual Advanced Teacher Training Workshop in Columbia County, NY at the Historic Hudson Opera House. Seven workshop participants were selected to teach 45 minute classes to their peers and to receive feedback. The facilitated feedback sessions, modeled on Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process were facilitated by Ragnar Freidank. Faculty: Fern Sloan and Ted Pugh.

May 2014

Attended Faculty Development Workshops to create a foundation to integrate curriculum and further  develop Theatre Foundations courses for Columbia College in Chicago, IL.

Attended Critical Response Process Workshop with Liz Lerman at Columbia College in Chicago, IL.

April 2014

Traveled to Tokyo, Japan to teach a Super Space Workshop organized by  Tokyo International Players and Tritano Evans. A small clip of the workshop can be viewed here.

Boston International Film Festival: Mara was a female lead in “Regret” a short independent film, directed/produced by Sanja Zdjelar, that won The Indie Soul Best Storyline Award at BIFF.



March 2014

Advanced On-Camera Class with Janelle Snow at Acting Studio Chicago in Chicago, IL.

Joined Actors Talent Group, Chicago,IL

Worked with Thom Pacculli, Dane Carr, and Camille Litalien, and Alicia Hall to create a foundation for exploration of “Miss Julie,” by August Strindberg.

January 2014

Attended Teacher Training Workshop with MICHA Association in Brookline, NY.

Certified as Michael Chekhov Teacher through Micha Association in NYC.

Collaborated with Kristine Hoebermann to produce new headshots in NYC.

Continued work with Gail Bell (Tisch School of Arts, NYC), bi-monthly via Skype.