Mara Radulovic



 “Mara is a rebel. That is what I love about her. She cannot help but following her own voice, her own talent, her own heart. In working with her she is giving you everything, her joy, her laughter, her strong impulses and sensitive perceptions. She is not shy of artistic conflict, yet at the same time a generous collaborator, welcoming and encouraging of your own creative impulses.”
 Ragnar Freidank; Director, MICHA Association Faculty, NYC

“I very much enjoyed the performance of your lead actress (Mara). Her performance is a filmmaker’s dream; her face registers everything so quickly and subtly and contradictorily that it “writes,” without a word, much more economically than any writer could.  This is the magic of acting, and there’s nothing like it.”  Henry Bean, Director and Screenwriter (“The Believer” Winner of the CFCAA, Open Palm and Humanitas Sundance Awards)

“Mara is a generous and joyous performer. Her approach to her work is simple and clear – it is a pleasure to see her onstage, and to work with her in the rehearsal hall. Chicago has gained a wonderful collaborator!” Meg Taintor, Founding Artistic Director of Whistler In The Dark Theatre, Boston, MA

“I was so excited to work with Mara. Her simple sense of truth, and conviction moment to moment were utterly compelling; I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.” Ben Evett, Director/Actor Boston, MA

“Mara is one of the most wonderful actresses I’ve worked with in 40 years of acting.” David Krasner, Actor/Dean of Dean College, MA

“Since I first met with Mara I was impressed by her enthusiasm. Then we started working together and I was delighted by her ability to bring her enthusiasm in the process of the work. But what grabbed my attention the most, is her willingness to go beyond that, and find a different connection with herself while acting on stage. And when that happens, I just look at her.” Maximilian Balduzzi, Urban Research Theater, NYC

 “Mara is a wonderful and dedicated teacher of acting and movement. She has been of great assistance to the acting faculty. Her students respond to her inspiring methods and she is extremely knowledgeable. She has taught for me on several occasions and I would not hesitate to work with her again. I highly recommend her.” David Krasner, Dean of Dean College, Franklin, MA

“Freshman year of college I had a brilliant acting professor (and actor) show her students “The Artists Way.” I didn’t appreciate it because I couldn’t understand it. That was five years ago and as I struggle to find my creativity, to find myself, I find this book collecting dust in my basement. Thank you, Mara.” Dana Kap, Former Student