Mara Radulovic



Who is Mara? I am an actor, as intense in my work as I am playful in life. I love truth, talent, generosity, and joy, and I hope to offer these qualities to my peers through my work.

Why this site? I created this site with several purposes in mind: to share, connect, celebrate and  create community. Actors tend to be generous with their time, their skills, and, most of all, of their heart.

Celebrate. My work brings me joy —and play. I see every day as an opportunity to further develop my craft and celebrate every  step I make forward in my work. 

Connect. In order to grow as artists and as human beings, we need connection. My hope is that this site will act as a tool to connect unique talented artists who share passion for this work, artistic vision and sensibility, sense of humor and style, inner values, and pursuit of excellence. Working alongside each other, human beings can create not only meaningful work and transformative experiences, but also a strong artistic community that has a potential to positively impact the world.

What is in this site for you? Think of it is an offering and an invitation. I am fascinated by other artists’ work, and I have been fortunate enough to learn from/collaborate with talented artists from all over the world, from Yugoslavia to Australia to America to Japan. I hope you will be interested to create work with me and be a smart and caring artistic collaborator.