Mara Radulovic




 “We should always be careful to keep ourselves in the right company. We should associate with those individuals who elevate us, who bring peace and keep our minds cool and calm. We should keep ourselves distant from those who drag us down, who agitate and overheat our minds and nerves. We must be most careful about who we associate on an intimate level. We should seek the good and strive to be in the company of the wise. Such as spiritual teachers, true friends, the beauty of nature and great art. Healing the mind involves healing how we relate to the world. It  involves establishing a society or group of friends that draws us upward. -Ayurveda and the Mind by Dr. David Frawley


These are a few acting schools, theaters, studios, institutions, artists, creators, teachers, individuals and friends my work and life have been positively influenced by:



DePaul Theatre School:

Columbia College:

Micha Association NYC:

Michael Chekhov School:

Michael Chekhov Studio New York:

Chekhov Studio Chicago:

Michael Chekhov Europe:

Meisner Chekhov Integrated Training Studio, Liz Shipman:

Viktor Melnikov, Chekhov Theatre School in Melikhovo:

Brandeis University:

Roy Hart Centre Artistique International, France:

Belgrade Academy of Dramatic Arts:

Emerson College:

Yugoslav Drama Theatre:

Belgrade Drama Theatre:

Bosko Buha Theatre:

Museum of Theatre Arts, Belgrade, Serbia:

Michael Chekhov Studio, Brazil, Hugo Moss:

Super Space:

Open Project:



Louise Mary Siversen, Actor, Melbourne, Australia:

Gretchen Egolf, Actor, NYC, UK:

Yuko Adachi:

Ragnar Freidank:

Jessica Cerullo:

Massimiliano Balduzzi:

Ellie Heyman:

Julia Cameron:

Angelina Atlagic, Set & Costume Design:

Tritano Evans:



Gail Bell, Voice/Speech, NYC:



Mario Avila Design:

Emily Clark:



Kristine Hoebermann Studio:


Kristie Kahns:



Ursula DeYoung:




Barbara Benagh, The Yoga Studio:

Patricia Walden:

Debbie Cohen, Core Yoga: