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As a teacher, I am intense, truthful, and playful. I believe that acting training is a life-long process of discipline, freedom, and discovery. I learn constantly from my own training, from my life experiences, and from my yoga practice. Wherever I teach, I strive to create a transformative playground for actors, a place where actors can be safe to explore, connect, play, breathe and create. Perhaps counter intuitively; one of the best ways to create such a space is to establish clear and definite boundaries in the workspace. The learning process for an actor is deeply intimate and often terrifying. Yet, as intense as this process may be, it is a joyful experience too: all it requires is courage, humility, dedication, and play.

In my teaching process, I help to develop students’ awareness of their inner life and work to increase their capacity to express this life skillfully and creatively so that they can can channel this energy into dramatic action.  My teaching is informed by my acting work, imagination and life, which I share with students- in rehearsal, in the studio, and in performance. Ultimately, I believe that acting training requires a union of opposites: discipline and freedom, intensity and playfulness, focus and relaxation.



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On-Camera Acting. The importance of telling the story within the frame of the camera and to distinguish acting on-camera and how it must be adjusted.

Get the tools you need to transition from stage to on-camera acting. This is an intermediate course suitable for students with some acting/on-camera experience. The six-week course focuses on fun, outside-of-the-box exercises to develop sense of safety and bring all aspects of self to create a natural, charismatic, non-presentation style acting to screen.

This class develops use of quick and effective ways to make your on-camera work immediate and spontaneous. Students will work with camera and different script in each session, and gain experience auditioning and presenting themselves professionally. We will review tape each time in order to implement feedback and immediately observe the shift in the second take. Actors will learn to tackle elements such as camera angles, connection with a partner, eye-line, entrances and exits, all while developing a strong inner concentration-no material in hand and memorization will be required.

Prerequisite: Basics of Acting,

*OR* equivalent ACTING experience/courses from other institutions. 
Classically trained, Mara has played roles ranging from Restoration to Contemporary, working throughout Europe and the U.S. in Repertory Theatres, on film and television. Recent roles include the lead in independent film, ‘Regret’ (awarded at Boston International Film Festival), performing in Lincoln Center in New York, New Repertory Theatre, Factory Theatre, and Emerson Black Box in Boston, as well as performing leads in award-winning repertory theatre companies in Yugoslavia.  Before joining CP Casting, Mara relocated from Chicago where she was on acting faculty at DePaul Theatre School and Columbia College. Mara holds an MFA in Acting from Brandeis University, is a certified Michael Chekhov teacher by Micha Association of NYC, and a yoga alliance certified yoga instructor. 
Mara is looking forward to joining Emmy-award winning CP Casting team while bringing her national and international expertise to both performance and classroom. For more info, please visit


CLASS STARTS: Thu, 04/28/16, 6:00pm
LAST CLASS: Thu, 06/02/16, 6:00pm
Cut off date Thu, 04/28/16
CLASS FEE $359.00
Location CP Casting Studio